BA, Journalism
Loyola university
My journalism degree has taught me to see the world in a different way and with many different perspectives....

Speech Writing

I am a professional content creator who can produce deliverables under aggressive deadlines and with perfection..

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Julie Keating

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January 2012 - Present


I excel in speech writing. A highly emotional speaker, I can convey any message, to any audience, to get it across effectively.

Content Creation

I use words to educate, express, communicate, teach, tell, explain and find common ground. A freelancer with over a decade of experience in every genre possible, it is more than just a job to me. 

We all have something in our hearts that should be shared with the world. I write for a living and a livelihood. I find satisfaction in spreading the tools that allow us to survive...words.

While caregiving for both my widowed husband and my daughter as they valiantly fought cancer, I found my voice and my desire to speak to others who feel alone and isolated.

BA, psychology
loyola university
Attempting to understand what motivates others has helped me to understand my own motivations and how to use them to change the world, one letter at a time.

I'm well-versed in copywriting for print, radio, and television for both the news and advertising industries. I understand how the internet market works and how to get my clients the exposure they desire.

​​and I’m a freelance writer based in South Carolina.

DEGREE: BA, Journalism, BA, Psychology, MPH, Public Health

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Write Way
freelance writer
  • Freelance writer for hundreds of personal clients.  
  • Featured writer on various e-magazines.
  • Author of Life Saving Friendships.
  • Political press writer